The Foundations of Highland Park Baptist Church

Highland Park Baptist Church is an Independent Fundamental Bible believing Baptist Church. 


We use the King James Version of the Bible for all of our Sunday School classes and from the pulpit.


Our children's ministries are very important to us.  In Sunday School we teach them about the Bible, and its principles.  Then at our Kid's club, which we are particularly excited about, the children enjoy crafts, games, prizes, and Bible stories.  Both of these programs are aimed at helping children gain a moral basis on which to live their lives. 


Our youth ministry has a fervent desire to see young people give their hearts to Christ and to surrender to God's will in every aspect of their lives.


We believe the Bible is the standard for conduct in a sin-filled world and we take seriously its command to come out of the world and live a separated life.


In today's world of contemporary Christianity, we strive to practice a godly walk. We do not compromise with the ecumenical movement or any other organization which seeks to take down the fundamentals of the faith. God formed the church as His organization for propagating the gospel to a lost world.