These days there are many different opinions about Bible versions. With Satan’s attacks on believers and on the word of God, in these end times it is vitally important that we have the preserved word of God at our hands and the situation with all of the different versions calls for perhaps a more vigorous defense of the Word of God than ever before. It is worth it for every believer to put some time and study into this subject. The information found on the link below for the Bible for Today website will be helpful in that study.



We all know the importance of winning souls – it is the  business of Christ. Sometimes the best way to witness to people and have them understand the gospel is simply to hand them a tract. For many years the standby tract has been the chick tract. You can stop in at Highland Park Baptist Church and pick up a few. You can also find them by following the link below to Chick Publications



Heartland Baptist Bible College – a Bible centered
college with a true focus on Godliness. Feel free to follow this link to explore the Heartland Baptist Bible College website and learn all about them. While there please browse the college book store. Not only will your purchase benefit a truly worthy organization, it will support the continued production of the many KJV materials which are increasingly hard to find. It is also a great place to find good music also increasingly rare.